About us

Arabica Coffee House, which is one of the pioneers of the coffee industry which is developing and gaining importance every day in our country, aims to be the leader of the sector, was founded by the Architect Elif ÜLGER YALÇIN and  the Attorney Sertaç YALÇIN in Ankara in 2014.

Arabica Coffee House; boutique service concept, constantly developing and institutionalized structure, quality point of view that does not compromise on quality and expert staff, continues to grow in line with its targets in accordance with the satisfaction of its guests.

Arabica Coffee House, one of the forerunners of the third wave coffee movement; imports qualified Arabica coffee beans and roasts them and presents them freshly to its guests in all its branches. In this context, Arabica Coffee House uses high-quality equipment and brewing equipment which is suitable for third wave coffee current and boutique service concept.

Arabica Coffee House; In keeping with the slogan "Make a Difference, Be a Pioneer" and emphasizing "Good Coffee", it keeps the viewpoint centered on its guests and step by step towards sector leadership without sacrificing quality and boutique service.